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Introducing Evetta Made It stunning collection of African American stock models, perfect for elevating and marketing your brand. These models embody beauty, confidence, and diversity, offering a wide variety of poses and expressions to suit any project. Whether you're designing a website, creating a flyer, or designing business cards, our stock models will bring your project to life.
Our models are also ideal for Canva templates, allowing you to sell on your own platform and reach a wider audience. With their natural beauty and captivating charisma, these models will add a touch of authenticity and inclusivity to your designs.
We understand the importance of representation and inclusivity in the marketing industry, and our collection of African American stock models reflects that. With a range of skin tones and hair textures, our models showcase the beauty and diversity of the African American community. So, whether you're looking to market a new product or simply elevate your brand, our stock models are the perfect choice.

Perfect For:
• Websites
• Print Marketing Materials
• Digital Ads
• Canva Templates

What's Included:
• 1 High-Quality Image
• Personal & Commercial Use

Reselling is NOT allowed.
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Additional Information

Drafts & Revisions

All designs include 3 free revisions.

After you have reached your limit of 3 revisions, you will have the option to pay a fee of $25 for 1 more revision(s).

Revisions are minor edits/changes to your logo such as a slight font change, color change, size, etc.A revision is NOT a brand-new design. 

If you would like to make any additional changes within 5 days after the final designs are sent there will be a fee of $35.

Designs are created with the information & inspiration provided by the client if you would like to "go in a different direction" or recieve a redesign a fee of $45 will be added to your order.

Ghosting Policy

Although I do understand life happens, in most instances you can communicate with me. However, it is important that projects stay within the given timeframe. 

You will have 48 hours to respond to emails during revision sessions, failure to do so will extend your turnaround time an additional 3 business days. 

After 7 days of no communication, your order will be considered cancelled and forfeited with no refund issued. If you'd like to restart your services, you will have to pay for the full service along with a $25 restart fee.

Client Responsibilities

Clients are responsible for providing the correct wording, professional/high quality photos or stock photos at the beginning of your service.

Evetta Made It will not be responsible for missing information on your behalf.

Evetta Made It is not responsible for any misspelling or misinformation that the customer provides. The information that you submit is the information that will be used.
Clients are responsible for proofreading all information submitted before the order is finalized. An up charge will incur if I have to go in and change any information that was not proofread.

Clients are responsible for grammatically correct information. If provided with grammatically incorrect information, you will be asked to correct it. 

Imformation for your design should be typed out in an organized email or document, screenshots and handwritten notes will NOT be accepted. 

Font Licensing

Evetta Made It, believes that every client should have access to the best possible fonts for their projects. However, I am not responsible for purchasing licensing of any kind for clients.

It is important to understand that fonts are intellectual property, and therefore require licensing for their use. I strongly encourage clients to obtain the necessary licenses for any fonts they wish to use in their projects and to ensure that they are using them within the terms of the license agreement.

I understand that navigating the world of font licensing can be confusing, which is why I am always here to offer guidance and advice. I can help clients identify which fonts require licensing, and where to obtain the necessary licenses.

In order to protect the rights of font creators and ensure that our clients are using fonts legally, I require that all clients provide proof of licensing for any fonts used in their projects.