Terms Of Services

REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS Due to the nature of all services provided by Evetta Made It, refunds are not eligible. You are agreeing to this policy when you purchase. If you would like to cancel an order that has already been paid for you have the right to do, but a refund will not be sent. If you do not choose any of the design concepts offered, no refund will be issued as the work has been done.PAYMENT METHODS Payment(s) made to Evetta Made It will be made via the website through the checkout process or invoices. No other method is or will be accepted by this business. FORMS OF COMMUNICATION For legal purposes, during the design process Evetta Made It will only communicate via email. By doing so both parties are able to keep a paper trail of all conversations had. 



Tuesday - Friday 8AM - 3PM EST

Office Closed Saturday - Monday + All Holidays TURNAROUND TIMES Turnaround times vary depending on the service type. On average the turnaround time for single services is up to 10 business days (30 business days for Website Design and/or larger projects). Business days do not include weekends or holidays. Turnaround times begin once your Design Form has been submitted. REVISION + UPCHARGES All designs receive 3 free revisions. After you have reached your limit of 3 revisions, you will have the option to pay a fee of $25 for 1 more revision(s). If you would like to make any additional changes within 5 days after the final designs are sent there will be a fee of $35. Revisions are minor edits/changes to your logo such as a slight font change, color change, size, etc. A revision is NOT a brand-new design. Designs are created with the information & inspiration provided by the client if you would like to "go in a different direction" or receive a redesign a fee of $45 will be added to your order.

To help avoid delays & the number of revisions needed, be as detailed as possible when completing your design form. DRAFTS Draft images of ANY kind are for the purpose of approval only. You are prohibited to copy, manipulate, or distribute the draft designs to anyone for any reason. All drafts are the property of Evetta Made It. 

 Clients may only use the designs that were paid for and emailed after design approvals. 

RIGHTS TO USE DESIGNS Once this project is completed, “the Client”, grants permission to, Evetta Made It “the business”, to use for portfolio and/or marketing purposes unless agreed upon otherwise. DISAPPEARANCE (GHOST) FEE Although I do understand life happens, in most instances you can communicate with me. However, it is important that projects stay within the given timeframe. 

You will have 48 hours to respond to emails during revision sessions, failure to do so will extend your turnaround time an additional 3 business days. 

After 7 days of no communication, your order will be considered cancelled and forfeited with no refund issued. If you'd like to restart your services, you will have to pay for the full service along with a $25 restart fee.

DUPLICATING DESIGNS Evetta Made It will not copy any designs. Referencing is permitted but we will not duplicate anybody's work, including our own.I, Evetta, reserve the right to discontinue service if:The customer is using profanity or being disrespectful.The customer threatens an employee or the business owner, making that party feel like they are in danger.The customer breaks the lawful rules of this business.A charge has been disputed mid service.The customer is being condescending or belittling.Lack of communication. If the design asked of them does not meet a level of professionalism. (This includes but is not limited to poor quality pictures, profanity, lack of communication and more). CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY

Clients are responsible for providing the correct wording, professional/high quality photos or stock photos at the beginning of your service.

Evetta Made It will not be responsible for missing information on your behalf.Evetta Made It is not responsible for any misspelling or misinformation that the customer provides. The information that you submit is the information that will be used.Clients are responsible for proofreading all information submitted before the order is finalized. An up charge will incur if we have to go in and change any information that was not proofread.Clients are responsible for grammatically correct information. If provided with grammatically incorrect information, you will be asked to correct it. Imformation for your design should be typed out in an organized email or document, screenshots and handwritten notes will NOT be accepted. 


Evetta Made It, believes that every client should have access to the best possible fonts for their projects. However, I am not responsible for purchasing licensing of any kind for clients.

It is important to understand that fonts are intellectual property, and therefore require licensing for their use. I strongly encourage clients to obtain the necessary licenses for any fonts they wish to use in their projects and to ensure that they are using them within the terms of the license agreement.

I understand that navigating the world of font licensing can be confusing, which is why I am always here to offer guidance and advice. I can help clients identify which fonts require licensing, and where to obtain the necessary licenses.

In order to protect the rights of font creators and ensure that our clients are using fonts legally, I require that all clients provide proof of licensing for any fonts used in their projects.


Evetta Made It wants to ensure that clients are aware of the policy regarding storage of final files. Evetta Made It takes full responsibility for the safekeeping of your files during the project, however I am not responsible for their long-term storage. I will store your files for up to 2 weeks after completion of the project to allow for any additional edits. After that time, it is the client's responsibility to save and store the files in a safe space on their devices.

FAILURE TO ABIDE CAN RESULT IN LEGAL ACTIONSFailure to abide by said policy set by Evetta Made It will result in disciplinary actions such as no longer being able to book our services or legal actions. By placing an order with Evetta Made It, you are agreeing to the terms listed above. Date created: January 6, 2023 

Policies updated: August 7, 2023Policies are subject to change at any times